The Mystery of Manor Von Barron

Once upon a time, there was wealthy merchant who built an incredible shipping and logistics empire based within MonoTown. Cargo would arrive from of all sorts from exotic places. Spices, fuel, food, raw materials, precious gems, wild animals, toys, and more…almost anything could and would find its way around the world via the merchant’s trains, ships, planes, and space ships.

As his wealth, influence, and business empire grew, Baron von Barron became an esteemed collector of rare antiquities – he embarked on great adventures that would result in discoveries beyond imagination. He also began to lose interest in his business. What more logistical worlds could he conquer? He spent more and more time with his family and wife, who he dearly loved. They would live happily ever after.

But it was all, an illusion. An effervescence that would swiftly dissolve.

One day Baron von Barron returned to find his family missing. All of them, disappeared. A massive search ensued. The police could find no trace. He implored MonoTown’s super heroes to help, but their efforts were equally futile. A strange foulness hung in the air, and the case was thick with obstacles and roadblocks. Could it be that one of his treasures was cursed? Haunted in some way? Manor von Barron had always been a tad mysterious, but things seemed to have taken a dark turn and the creeping feeling of dread began to deepen with every breath.

He spent a fortune trying to find any inkling of the wearabouts of his family, and at the first sign of any information, he would dash off, trying to arrive before the trail went cold. Years went by, and one day, the Barron, having turned mad by grief and sorrow, didn’t return.

His manor slowly became overgrown and, many believed, haunted. Strange noises, lights, and sounds would emanate from within and the citizens of MonoTown feared to tread on its grounds.

Enough was enough. Ms Emily Chapman, mayor of MonoTown announced she would rid the Manor of ghosts, but alas, the ghost busters were already heavily booked during the Halloween rush. Who could she turn to? Luckily, BearJokesDJs has agreed to the job, and he’s banishing those ghosts, spectres, and phantoms the only way he knows how: by rocking the joint with massive beats that slap and halloween favorites!

After an incredible Halloween concert staged during The Block Party Festival, the ghosts and spirits were seen leaving Manor Von Barron, but who knows if or when they might return!