The Compendium

MonoTown has a long and storied history, spanning hundreds of years. The Compendium of MonoTown is here to chronicle this history! Full access is available to MonoManiacs who subscribe to our channel on Twitch.

History, Stories, Legends, and Lore


  • Emily Chapman – Mayor of MonoTown
  • LorentzFactr – Terrorist and Factr Faction Leader
  • Leonard Harding – MonoTown City Chief Information Officer
  • Caldwell Webster – Professor of Computer Science, MonoTown Institute of Technology

Places / Organizations

  • The Hall of Heroes
  • MonoTown Institute of Technology
  • MonoTown Civil Liberties Union (MCLU)
  • Aviation Ministry
  • MonoTown Central Bank
  • MonoTown Exchange
  • Emissaries of the Underground
  • sovereignOne
  • Center for Disadvantaged MiniFigs
  • MonoTown Mainframe
  • Central Station
  • The West End
  • Manor Von Baron

The Block Party 2020 – Full Concert Videos

City Administration and Governance

LEGO Tips and Tricks