PRojects List

At any given time, The MonoTown City Council has a number of projects vying for resources and attention. These projects range from construction of infrastructure, installation of new services, or marketing MonoTown to foreign markets. MonoManiacs are invited to contribute and vote on which projects we embark on next!

MonoTown City Projects

  • Subterranean LEGO Roller Coaster
  • SkyDock Expansion – UNDERWAY!
  • Northern District Street Paving – UNDERWAY!
  • EL Reconstruction and Widening
  • Increased Capacity of Birch Books (and Neighboring Townhome)
  • Relocation of Garage and Bank (swapping)
  • Construction of Old Town Square
  • Construction of the MonoTown Hall of Heroes
  • Finishing the “The Monolith” aka “Tall Black Skyscraper”
  • Finishing the Sanctum Santorum
  • Construction of 2nd Tram Unit
  • Design of ChinaTown
  • Installation and Construction of Windmill Unit A & B
  • The Wine Train

Other LEGO Projects

  • Automatic, Artificial Intelligence Powered and Independently Operated LEGO Sorter (AAIPIOLS) – often referred to by its nickname “APOLS”

Upcoming Events & Collaborations

  • The Block Party Concert #4 – with BearJokesDJs
  • Top Secret Collaboration #1
  • Top Secret Collaboration #2

Videos, Marketing, and Membership Projects


  • The Trains of MonoTown
  • The Ships of MonoTown
  • Building and Motorizing a LEGO Tram
  • The Block Party: Behind the Scenes
  • How to Buy Bulk LEGO & Save Money
  • How to Quickly (Manually) Sort LEGO
  • Wall Mounting the UCS Millennium Falcon
  • Cheap & Effective Minifigure Storage

Marketing & Membership Projects

  • Website Membership System
  • Subscriber Stories