Chat Commands

Note that we are slowly bringing our Discord chat commands up to parity with our Twitch chat commands.

PLEASE NOTE – you must link your Discord account via Twitch chat so we know who you are on both platforms. To do this, use the !setdiscordusername command within Twitch Chat.

Chat Commands

  • !account – learn how to create an account on MonoTown.TV (our website)
  • !donate – if we’re doing a charity stream, here’s the link to donate.
  • !lore – learn about The Compendium
  • !monotowner – how to join the Official MonoTown Supporters Club
  • !commands – get a link to this page


Get the links to all of our socials accounts!

  • !discord
  • !twitter
  • !YouTube
  • !website
  • !instagram

Train Commands

  • !trainlist – a list of trains you can control. Trains can be referenced by several aliases in addition to their primary name.
  • !train – To control a train use : !train TRAINNAME DIRECTION SPEED SECONDS
    Direction is either forward, reverse, or brake.
    Speed is a value between 0 and 100.
    Seconds is how many seconds you’d like the train to run.
    Commands are processed in the sequence they’re received.

    !train green forward 100 15
    !train green forward
    !train green stop

MonoTown Exchange (Stock Market)

  • To Deposit Cash – redeem channel points (There are two options: 100 or 1,000 point redemptions).
  • !buy – buy shares (!buy 1 GME)
  • !sell – sell shares (!sell 1 GME)
  • !price – lookup the price of a stock (!price GME)
  • !listedStocks – the various stocks you can buy
  • !lookupstock – more details on a stock
  • !cash – how much cash you have in the bank (deposited from channel points)
  • !portfolio – what you own
  • !profitloss – price your portfolio against current market conditions.
  • !transfercash – give cash to another user (!transfer @monotowntv 200)
  • !setdiscordusername – links your MonoTown Exchange account with your Discord username, so you can trade using Discord

LEGO Commands

  • !set – looks up information about the given LEGO set (!set 60141)
  • !setreview – gets review information about the given LEGO set (!setreview 60141)
  • !part – gets information about a given LEGO part (!part 587286)